September 30, 2022


Legislative Affairs

by Judy Lawton, CSP Chair

California has long been recognized as the State where all new trends legislatively start. And admittedly most of the time, this is not good news, especially for those of us who are business owners who must live with and adhere to these stringent, confusing, constricting, damaging and always frightening new laws and regulations.

One of the most consistent reasons members join California Staffing Professionals is to keep abreast of any new law that has consequences to the staffing industry. It is my job as your Legislative Affairs Chair to work with our ever-diligent lobbying team, Mike Robson, and Bridgett McGowan—to keep you abreast of anything that comes out of Sacramento that could potentially harm you or your business.

And it never disappoints, as our legislators work endlessly under the guise of protecting all employees in the state against any and everything known to man.

One of the most successful new features we’ve brought you this past year is a brief 30 minute monthly virtual meeting for any member who wishes to attend that’s intended to apprise us about any activity in the Legislature that may affect us.

These are lively, candid, and open discussions and everyone who is a member in good standing of CSP is invited to join us. You’ll be on the first line of defense as we develop strategies to protect ourselves against some of the worst of these prospective new laws and regulations even as they’re being developed when we have the very best chances of changing or defeating them.

This has been a particularly active political season with lots of things to protect against. If you’d like more information about how to join these meetings, please contact CSP Headquarters
( with subject ‘More info on Joining Legislative Affairs Call) asking to join these meetings and we’ll make sure you are on the next call.

Political Action Committee

By Fortino Rivera, CSP Chair

I have long recognized that government policies impact our ability to provide service to our clients and impact the ability of our clients to maintain or grow in the state. For that reason, I have been very active in national, state, and local politics. I believe it is essential that we educate our elected officials about our industry and hold our politicians accountable for the votes and policies they enact.

That is why I got involved in the CSP PAC that I am now honored to Chair.

CSP Political Action Committee and Elections

The CSP PAC is designed to give a political voice to our industry by directly engaging in elections and contributing to the campaigns of candidates who generally support employers and the staffing industry.

This upcoming state election is one of the most important elections in a decade. There will be approximately 30 new state legislators elected in November and about a dozen will come from heavily-contested races where there is a pro-business candidate running against a progressive candidate backed by labor and trial lawyers.

While it is important that you individually study your ballot and vote for candidates that want to strengthen and build our economy, it is equally important to contribute to the CSP PAC so that we can collectively have the resources to make a difference in some of the closely-contested races.

We cannot allow elections to be funded only by unions, trial lawyers, and their allies. Employers like those in CSP need to step up and help elect candidates that care about the economy, jobs, and the future of our state.

If you have questions about the CSP PAC, please reach out to me through the CSP headquarters. (Use email with subject of email ‘More Info on CSP PAC’).