March 15, 2019

Assemblyman Mayes

In the 2018 election cycle, California Republican legislators, congressional members, and candidates suffered enormous losses. In fact, after the election, Republicans were reduced to just 25 percent of the legislative membership and zero percent of the statewide offices. Many political pundits have declared the Republican Party to be dead in California.

Assemblyman Mayes is a former leader of the Assembly Republican Caucus, and is now leading the effort to reverse Republican declines with a “New Way” of approaching policy and politics for Republican legislators and candidates in California and the nation. Working with former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and others, he is looking to transform the Republican Party, its message, and messengers.

Attendees at the Legislative Summit on March 18 will have the opportunity to hear from Assemblyman Mayes about the New Way Republicans and the effort to revive the Republican Party in California.

To learn more about the New Way, visit the website, linked here.