June 25, 2015

About CSP


VITAL is a mnemonic that simply summarizes the 5 pillars that make up the foundation of the California Staffing Professionals association. 

V is for Visionary thinkers.

I is for Integrity.

T is for Training.

A is for Advocacy.

is for Leadership.


The California Staffing Professionals Association – CSP is a membership association providing support services to the recruiting & staffing industry in education, networking & legislative advocacy.

Our CSP members,  who provide employment opportunities throughout California and nationally, serve the needs of both clients and employees by recruiting and matching the needs of clients with the skills of employees.

California Staffing Professionals History

Historically, people of various professions have banded together in common purpose, and so it was with the private personnel services industry in California. The California Association of Personnel Consultants was initially formed in 1937 as the Southern California Employment Agencies Association and incorporated as a non-profit corporation on February 18, 1947. In 1955, a statewide organization was formally identified and was named the California Employment Agencies Association (CEAA). In 1970, this title was shortened to the California Employment Association (CEA) and was subsequently changed in May 1980 to California Association of Personnel Consultants. In June, 2000, CAPC merged with the California Association of Temporary Staffing Services (CATSS) to form California Staffing Professionals (CSP), in order to better serve the staffing industry in California.

CSP was the first personnel placement organization to develop a certification program in 1959. In 1962, CSP coordinated with the National Association of Personnel Consultants (NAPC) to develop a national competency exam and establish the recognized national professional designation for our industry – CPC (Certified Personnel Consultant). CSP currently offers training and an exam which focuses on legal compliance in industry practices resulting in CAC accreditation.

CSP chapters have developed extensive training programs for the new and/or incoming consultant – “Staffing 101″ – in both northern and southern California.

CSP successfully influenced the passage of several state assembly bills that deregulated employer-paid agencies to the less restrictive control of local statutes, eliminating the Bureau of Employment Agencies. It fought oppressive I-9 requirements. It confronted the Legislature, protesting unfair competition by a publicly funded entity.

CSP has provided means for members to differentiate themselves from those who have been exposed by the media for violations of Equal Employment Opportunity and others who have caused negative experiences for some employers and candidates.

Over the years, CSP has been a generous contributor to charities and civic concerns. CSP continues to evolve in response to the growing needs of the public, to industry dynamics, and the needs of staffing industry professionals.

To further accomplish the goal of increased professionalism and to facilitate cooperation between member firms, CSP has adopted rigid standards of ethical practice that all members have agreed to follow. These standards ensure that CSP members conduct their businesses in a legal, ethical and self-regulated manner that honestly serves the dual consumers of private placement services. Should disputes arise, CSP has Ethics and Arbitration Committees to resolve the issues without unnecessary and costly litigation. CSP members are dedicated to helping all people, regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, age or handicaps, in their search for gainful, satisfying employment.

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