“Bill Would Restrict Hiring of Temporary Workers in California”



“Bill Would Restrict Hiring of Temporary Workers in California”

Society for Human Resource Management (02/22/17) Roy Maurer

California companies with 10 or more employees would be required to offer additional work hours to existing employees prior to hiring new employees or engaging a staffing firm under Assembly Bill 5, the “Opportunity to Work Act,” introduced in the state assembly. San Jose, CA, voters have passed a similar law, which takes effect in March. The American Staffing Association and California Staffing Professionals—an ASA-affiliated chapter—are among the business groups lobbying against the bill.

Stephen C. Dwyer, ASA general counsel, says the bill, if passed, would have a disruptive impact on hiring and business operations in California. “Favoring one set of workers—those who work part time—to the detriment of those who may be seeking full-time work makes little sense and is bad public policy,” Dwyer says. “New job seekers, those re-entering the workforce, veterans, disabled workers, and those seeking a bridge to permanent employment—all will be harmed by this misguided legislation.”

Staffing firms doing business in California are strongly encouraged to contact their Assembly members and urge them to oppose the bill.

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